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Ready, set...JUMP! Don't wait any longer - it's time to stop procrastinating and take that courageous leap of faith. You want something? Go get it…Jump!

That single word is enough to inspire and challenge you in the same moment! To take a new job position, build your dream body, run a 5K, or start a business - all of it begins with that one simple act…JUMP! Taking the initiative and putting action behind your dreams can seem daunting, but what's important is having a steadfast resolution to achieve your goals.

You must be tenacious in your pursuits if you want the success you crave. God has instilled within us all He wishes us to have; trust Him throughout your journey and use His strength to push forward each day until you discover the goodness He promises. I’m here cheering for you - take the leap and let God do the rest.

When I first started my blog, fear and doubt paralyzed me. I was afraid of what ‘they’ might think – who were 'they' anyway? This blog is for me and only me and I have no reason to be intimidated by other people's opinions. Did it matter if anyone ever read my words and found comfort or solace in them? After all, at its core, writing is a way of talking to yourself before you talk to others. So, I took the bait and I… JUMPED!

As a writer, I knew that in order to truly impact others with my craft, I had to be honest with myself first. Even if nobody reads or acknowledges any of my writings, it's enough that I'm pouring my heart onto paper for personal fulfillment. Now that I look back at how scared and worried, I was when starting out, I realize how silly it was. Writing With Lipstick gives confidence that comes from within, and nothing ever has the power to take away one's voice unless you give it up willingly.

My dear sis, the struggle is real, and I know it all too well. The weight of bad moments, days, weeks, and even months can push us down and make us feel like we can't get back up. But let me tell you, that's when you're at your strongest. Yes, you heard me right. Your lowest moments give you the strength and resilience to bounce back higher than ever. So, when you feel knocked down, remember these words: GET UP and JUMP!

You have the power to start over as many times as you like and reinvent yourself in any way you want. GOD gives us new mercies and grace every day, so give yourself the love and care you deserve. Take a deep breath, chill out, and get ready for the new chapters in your book. Remember, you're the star of your story, and GOD has already written it - live in it, sis. Trust me, it's a beautiful place to be.


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1 Comment

Candice w/an i
Candice w/an i
Apr 19, 2023

Keep dropping these jewels Sis. In the words of my favorite poet Tupac “I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” You’re on to something and I’m here for the journey…. Pop Ur Sh:t Sis!!!

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