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Your Time Is Coming, CLAP FOR SIS!

Instead of being jealous and competitive with envy when we see other women crushing it, let's clap for their accomplishments. What if we accept these achievements as momentum to keep pushing? Celebrate the success of your fellow sis and stay inspired knowing that your time is coming too.

Women, it's time to recognize our strength and potential! In an ever-changing world where success is measured in so many different ways, you should take a moment to reflect on the unique gifts that make you who you are. To all of the dreamers, believers, and trailblazers - this post is dedicated to each of us as we stand strong in the belief that our time is inevitably coming!

Get ready girls, because it's time for us to CLAP FOR SIS! Let’s lift each other up and celebrate our individual journeys as the incredible women we are. It’s definitely high time for recognition; let’s remind ourselves why we deserve admiration.

Sis's success is an inspiration to reach for the stars and make your own dreams come true. Think about what she’s done that you admire and use that as inspiration to take your own life in the direction you want it to go. Find something about her success you can strive for, but don't forget it’s not about competing with her…support her. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can! And when you're able to do that, you'll be truly successful.

Surround yourself with women who are accomplishing incredible things, and observe what makes them successful, this can be extremely inspiring! A group of powerful and passionate women is unstoppable. Their motivation, determination, and hard work is fuel to gas your life goals.

Forget comparison employ their success as an example to create a plan that works best for you, but don’t be afraid to make changes as often as needed in order to reach your success. Ask questions, seek advice from these women and mentorship, and challenge yourself to try something new - embrace that work-in-progress attitude every single day!

The next time you're feeling a little envious of another woman's success, try being supportive and grow closer with one another. It's also important to honor our own paths - we are all unique and our stories and journeys are all valid. Remind yourself that success is not a one-size-fits-all story, but rather an individual journey. Anything is possible, and good things are on the horizon for you too. Let the success of your fellow sisters fill you with hope for the future, don't doubt yourself. No matter how tough it may get, stay determined and keep persevering because you will get there. Success is truly within reach when we learn to celebrate each other's wins!

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1 Comment

Candice w/an i
Candice w/an i
Mar 03, 2023

High Five Sis!

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