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    Thus sparking her interest in all things beauty, including hair, skin, nails, make-up, and fashion.” CrisAnn set forth on a journey to help create a space and environment where a woman can simply be a woman with no limitations. From a woman’s perspective, CrisAnn knew that nothing is more striking than a woman in her natural state of beauty. She had seen them as blank slates that would be carved & painted into beautiful pieces of art. However, there was still something missing from within. ​ This interest led her to countless opportunities and introduced her to journaling. Within the world of journaling, she discovered her own voice & strength. Not only that, but it was at that moment she finally understood the power of a pen. CrisAnn knew that what she had just discovered had to be shared with not only her close girlfriends, but women everywhere. What she had discovered was something more striking than gold, more expensive than any rare jewel, and limitless like the corners of space & time. It was here and in that moment she found her love for writing.
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