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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I Don't Have Dreams, I Have Plans!

Dreams and plans are two powerful forces that can drive a person to success. They can both lead to a great life, but they have different paths. Having dreams is an important part of life; it is what gives us hope and motivation to keep going. But without plans, those dreams are often nothing more than daydreams that are out of reach. A plan helps give structure to our aspirations and provides concrete steps on how to achieve them. It encourages us to break down our goals into smaller, achievable pieces, making them seem less intimidating (and making progress much easier). Plans also provide the ability for self-reflection; they allow us to consider our options before acting, so we can ensure that any decisions we make align with our values and priorities. For women, plans are essential for achieving their goals. As women have historically been held back by systemic barriers – gender-based discrimination in the workplace and unequal access to resources, having clear goals can be even more crucial when it comes to pushing against these invisible walls. Additionally, a plan can help women stay focused on their ambitions rather than letting external pressures or distractions distract them from their vision. Considering this duality between dreams and plans can also help motivate us during tough times. We often get frustrated or discouraged when we do not achieve success right away; however, when striving toward our dreams, it is important to strike a balance between optimism and realism. Honor your ambitions while also recognizing the limitations facing you and designing achievable plans that consider any potential roadblocks ahead. Remember: Rome was not built in a day—big goals require practical steps forward each day as well as patience and forethought about how best to achieve them over time. It is also important to remember that plans can change over time – as new opportunities arise or obstacles surface. Do not let them become too rigid or inflexible. Instead, use setbacks as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth! Ask yourself questions such as: Are my current strategies still working for me? Are there other options I can pursue? How would my approach look different if I looked at it from another angle? The answers you discover might surprise you! More than anything else remember this: your dreams matter! They are yours alone and meant only for you—so never forget why they are important or let anyone take away their power! With the right plan in place plus hard work and dedication, anything is possible…the sky is the limit when chasing after what matters most!

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1 Comment

akinlade shedrack
akinlade shedrack
Dec 25, 2022

Plan indeed encourages us to break down our goals into smaller, achievable pieces. This is a great blog post.

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