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Writing With Lipstick- Is More Than A Brand

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Writing With Lipstick

Writing With Lipstick- Is More Than A Brand, It’s A Movement Of Women Bonded Together Through Love And Support, Creating A Dynamic Sisterhood.


As Red Lipstick Exhibits Strength, Power And Class. It Also Symbolizes The American Women’s Suffrage Movement Established In The Early 20th Century. As These Women Fought For Their Rights, Red Lipstick Became A Part Of Their Uniform. 

Red Lipstick Is A Staple Accessory For Many Women. The Bold Dauntless Red Is Feminine, Yet Sexy And Powerful.


The Bond Between Red Lipstick And Women Is Rooted In History!

The Writers Corner

Crystal Ann Smith, best known as her preferred name CrisAnn, is an entrepreneur born and raised in the heart of Dallas, Texas. In 2018, CrisAnn opened her first hair salon, The Beauty & Grooming Lounge. She currently co-owns Our Place Beauty & Grooming studio in Arlington, Texas. 


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Book Content


Girl, F?CK Him by CrisAnn Smith is set in Dallas, Texas, and features the unlikely encounter of five women who, in pursuit of romantic love, end up realizing the power in their woman crown. 

In a fast paced world, where women are influenced by a society that perpetuates the idea that women must use their bodies to attain status as well as to acquire an opulent lifestyle. 

The framework of Girl, F?CK Him  contradicts every stereotype, ideology and it clearly defines what it means to be an independent 21st century woman.

This is a captivating chronicle of strife against patriarchy and a testament of a woman’s will to overcome adversity. 

In addition, these strong, high- spirited, women who are united by careers, frustrations, conflicts, motherhood and life incidents; struggle with faulty erotic relationships that eventually guides them towards self-realization.

If you’re a woman that’s focused on becoming the best version of herself, “Girl, F?CK Him” is for you.

This book will help heal, empower and awaken your divine feminine energy.

Reece, Olivia, Ava, Mia and, CJ will have you ready to add your name to the pages.

What Readers Say

"Hello, So i just finished your book. It's the shyt! It's real and validates those feelings that you had or thought about in suituations and scenarios mentioned in the chapters. It's indeed funny and unfortunately relatable being that I am now divorced and dealt with my ex being the adulterer. It exhibit what true friendship and support should look like despite one's own feelings. It gives grown woman vibes!!!!! ."
Melly Mel

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148 pages of evocative reading

Edgy, Urban, Real this new book by CrisAnn Smith is Guaranteed to have you questioning your friends and side eyeing your man.


Hot Tea is Brewing


Book Signing

Sis now you know I'll be coming to a book store, coffee shop, or lounge near you. We will laugh, cry, and talk our sh!t...(as we should) soon. Stay tuned for dates.

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